What’s Wrong with this Picture

Three Characters, A Mother, A Daughter and a Detective, piecing together all parts of the puzzle. “What’s Wrong With This Picture” is a compelling hilarious comedic mystery tale of the struggle between a Mother and her daughter for separate identities. Told in a series of snapshots/flashbacks, it concerns the unconscious agenda of a Mother to create a perfect child in her own image, and the daughter’s need for separateness.


Directed by Mary Forcade, Written and Acted by Grace Walcott


What’s Wrong With This Picture” is extraordinary on many levels. The clever and original writing charms, amuses and horrifies. Director mary Forcade has harnessed Walcott’s enormous vitality into a powerhouse performance.” – Randy Trabitz Los Angeles Weekly

Walcott is an amazingly sharp and funny actor..a major local find.” – Dennis Harvey San Francisco Weekly

Grace’s performance is “unforgetable.” She is an “effervesscent writer/comedienne who is walking proof you can be sexy and a feminist, ditsy and smart at the same time.” – Misha Berson, San Francisco Bay Guardian

Grace Walcott is one great performer. Her character work is flawless: her comic timing is remarkable: and the way she handles the audience is masterful.” – Kate Bornstein Bay Area Reporter

An outstanding one woman show sensationally staged and unique survival story with a powerhouse performance by Walcott (that) you won’t forget.” – Raymond Tomlin Vancouver Echo