The Jewel in My Daughter’s Crown

Girls today are coming of age in an environment where brutish social media, fake news, and a backlash against feminism and reproductive rights is just a screen tap away. Now more than ever teenage girls need positive and enduring guidance to form the skills to think for themselves and discover their true values. Jewels in My Daughter’s Crown is a collection of personal essays, true stories, and real conversations between one mother and her daughter—about healing inter-generational trauma, being your own woman, and creating a life with meaning and authenticity. This timely book models a responsive, observant, and supportive approach to parenting. It skillfully guides parents on how to talk to their children in a way that bestows wisdom—without judgment or lectures—so their teens can become their best selves.


“The Jewels in My Daughter’s Crown” will be available in paperback or for kindle.

Widely Published

Grace has written for Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, Medium, Feministing, Bustle, Thought Catalog and more…

What others say about her teaching…

Grace is a striking woman in every sense of the word. Her brilliant wit, insight, and nonjudgmental presence make her a true joy to share space with. Her visionary exploration into relationships and love reveal a liberating, refreshing, pro-woman, and sex-positive perspective that is a powerful antidote to oppression in its many manifestations. Grace is passionate about justice and seeking truth, and she truly walks the walk around her own evolution and spiritual growth.”


“Grace is a force to be reckoned with. Embracing life with intense emotion, she celebrates the beauty, laughter, and tears that make up the fabric of our existence. She is an intelligent and thoughtful observer and boldly delves into subjects that are not a part of everyday conversation, exposing our values and habitats, and engendering healing and growth.”


Grace a ball of red- hot fire that at first seems too hot to get close to, but then, once you do, your her warmth is comforting and your . Her flames of passion in everything she does are mesmerizing to watch.”


Grace is smart, determined, kick-ass person. She is strong and loyal, devoted to those she loves. Grace achieves whatever she puts her mind to.”