Ginger Snaps

A surreal and hilarious commentary on female empowerment in the entertainment industry and the world at large, GINGER SNAPS explores the ludicrous life of determined actor/filmaker and soon-to-be hero Ginger Forbush.Ginger Snaps opens with actor/filmaker and soon-to-be Ginger Forbush arduously trying to edit her film. That day, Ginger is sent on a supposedly prestigious audition, but through a mix up, she is directed to the wrong address, a barren loft. Once inside, two lascivious thugs play along with Ginger’s “audition” when they see her voluptuous body, hoping to talk her into doing a nude scene. Just when all seems lost, as Ginger desperately fights off her attackers, her beneficent breasts come to the rescue—blasting the thugs, hot-wiring Ginger’s undependable jalopy and even editing her films by “remote control”.


Written and directed by Grace Walcott


“Ginger Snaps” Premiered in the San Francisco Gay and Lesbian film festival in 2000, it has played at the Outfest in Los Angeles, and in Amsterdam, Germany, Seattle, Orlando and locally at Oakland’s “Black Box Theater” and on San Jose’s public TV channel KTEH.