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Sex Positive Education for Teenagers and Kids

Research is showing that a fear based sex education with a focus on STD prevention, and pregnancy prevention leaves teens lacking in knowledge around the politics of pleasure–a guiding principle that can keep your teen in a good place.

The Sex-Positive Movement and the Entitlement of Pleasure for Everyone

The sex-positive movement is an ideology that sex is normal and healthy. It is a powerful concept that contradicts many of the principles and practices that have come out of the puritanical history of the United States. A huge issue in the sex-positive movement is sex education for our children and teens. The battle is […]

Relationship Artistry: The Path to State-of-the-Art Loving

As an artist, author, and performer, my orientation to art is to devote many contemplative hours to build something beautiful. I realized I could invest the same amount of love and creativity to my relationships. In other words, to not just have “good enough” relationships but have fantastic relationships. Relationship artistry is the ability to […]

Ownership Mentality: The Death Knell of Love

The idea that we can own other people has been played out since time immemorial—and it’s still pervasive in our cultures, communities, and homes today. If we believe we own our spouse and our children, our interactions come from a sense of entitlement. Put another way, we think—however consciously or subconsciously—that we have the right […]

Feminism — A Call to Arms

It is the early ’80s. I am debating with my entire high school English class about the merits of passing the Equal Right Amendment, a very simple amendment to the constitution that stated, “Equality of rights under the law shall not be abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.” […]